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ORLITECH Comparison Table

 Orlitech MeshA142 Steel
Opening Size
Bar (wire) diameter3 mm6 mm
Bar (wire) tensile strenght, not less than1200 MPa570 MPa
Bar (wire) elongation2.50%2.50%
Thermal Conductivity coefficient, nt more than0.46 (m·K)56 W/(m·K)
Weight per mesh area316 g/m22.220 g/m2
Electrical ConductivityNon-conductiveConductive
Corrosion and chemical resistanceVery highLow
Magnetic characteristicsNon-magneticMagnetic
Fixing strenght - shear30 kgfNon rated
Fixing strenght - pull20 kgfNon rated
Delivery in sheetsNo deformationPossible deformation
Delivery in coilsNo deformation unrolled mesh regains its initial formCoils unrolled mesh needs additional treatment