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Case Studies in the United Kingdom

Selected realizations

Amber Farm

This unusual project consisted of a timber frame with a straw bale infill.

The structural engineer wanted a reinforcement on the internal and external face of the straw bales prior to the application of a lime render and plaster.

Orlitech mesh 3mm 100mm x 100mm was chosen as it is un-affected by alkalis and will not suffer from corrosion in this environment. The mesh was applied to both the inner and outer leaf and tied together through the straw bales. The profile of the walls could be followed with Orlitech mesh and even wrapped around the reveals providing a reinforcement and key for the 8cm lime render and plaster.

Concrete slab Liverpool

Orlitech mesh 3mm 100mm x 100mm was used in place of steel reinforcement on a 150mm ground bearing concrete slab on this new build residential house.

Orlitech mesh was chosen as cost effective alternative to steel and with the consideration of the under-flor heating – Orlitech mesh has a very low lambda value meaning that there is very little thermal expansion and contraction. The installers commented on the ease of installation – 1.2M x 30M rolls where simply laid directly to the sub-base over under-floor heating pipes – Orlitech mesh lies completely flat once off the roll making the job quick and easy.