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Composite mesh ORLITECH ® MESH
In cooperation with the foreign company GALEN, we are introducing it as a novelty to the European construction market. ORLITECH ® MESH is one of the best ways to replace a steel concrete ribbed reinforcement.
The ORLITECH ® MESH is composed of ORLITECH ® BAR basalt rods of Ø 2.2 and 3 mm. The rods are located in two mutually perpendicular directions connected to the contact node by a special mass. The nets are supplied in sheets or rolled up in rolls, which accelerates laying and construction work.

New: Expansion of composite mesh ORLITECH ® with wire Ø 6 and 8mm with an eye 200x200mm. The nets are in standard size 2x3m, weighing about 6kg/ 1pc

Use of composite mesh:

A – Building and civil engineering:
Reinforcement of concrete structures
Reinforcement of concrete walls and sandwich panels
Reinforcement of concrete floors, brick and stone walls
Reinforcement and mainly the weight reduction of monoliths and structural elements

B – Industrial Construction:
Reinforcement of industrial floors
Strengthening of water works and coastal structures
Reinforcement of gypsum, anhydrite floors and products

C – Road Construction:
Reinforcement of road plates, motorways and airfields
Reinforcement of bridges and bridge structures
Strengthening road and rail slopes
Fencing and non-corrosive barriers
Composite mesh also find good use in civil engineering, sewage treatment plants, aggressive and humid environments, agriculture and chemically demanding operations.

Orlitech ® Mesh – complete information to download here

Comparison table of composite and steel curry nets:

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